Journeying through childhood in Muscat and Dubai to adolescence in Karachi onward to young adulthood in Ohio and all grown up in NYC, life has kept it rolling for me. Many cultures, many changes, what kept it real throughout was food. Food, home-cooked and ordered in, lots eaten out, junk and gourmet, comfort and exotic, always brought me back to myself and added new dimensions to my palette. My husband Zain, having spent his growing years in Cornwall and Paris, youth in Moscow and Karachi and adult life in the US, is a fellow food enthusiast. Married, we experimented in the kitchen with new ingredients and recipes. Now that we are living and nurturing our two precious children, older beautiful blind boy Nael and younger spunky girl Natasha in Brooklyn, we find ourselves gravitating toward minimalist food with a few, distinct ingredients prepared to draw out complex flavors, combining cohesively the many cuisines that we love, made from local, seasonal produce and cooked on our own stove and in our oven. I am Aamna Zaidi Raza and this is our mooli.life.