Roasted Red Pepper Soup!

I am going to make red pepper soup! The declaration cut through my reverie like a knife as I dreamily strolled through the aromatic, vibrant farmer’s market stalls on a crisp October morning. What a great idea! I thought to myself as I wondered if someone in the skies was giving me a not-so-subtle hint….


The first time I had Borscht was in 2000. We lived in a one bedroom apartment on the Westside off the Theatre District. The place I had it at was the Russian Vodka Room, better known by its moniker, ‘Attitude Adjustment Hour’. Velvet curtains parted to steps leading down to a curvy bar, banquettes, and a piano….

Broth of Happiness

Cool weather comes around and I start craving warm liquids of all kinds. Growing up, the part of being sick that I looked forward to was the chicken broth, laden with warming spices, administered as medicine and a cure-all. Now, I love broth in every form and at any time. Broth for breakfast, broth for dinner…