Little Rainbows


I felt especially cooped up today. Went for a run in the morning. Paranoia has a way of creeping in till you are behaving in a way alien to yourself. The moment I stepped out and put on my headphones, I teared up. The world felt strange and ominous and so very loved and missed. Cherry blossoms everywhere, spring in the air. Yet people gave each other lots of space to walk around, avoided eye contact (including me) as if transmission would happen by not doing so, a mother standing in the window with her newborn child, an older man at his desk facing the window. A woman walked by with a strong smell of perfume and my first thought was, did I just get too close to her? As I ran, my mind slowly detached and the music took over. Gradually, I noticed one little rainbow, then another. I remembered reading somewhere that kids were putting up rainbows in windows in a show of resilience and hope. It made me smile and relax. As I paid attention, I saw many more all along the way. 

It really truly is us who can save one another. Be it the kids, the people on the road, the kindnesses, the selflessness of the people in the front foremost. We are all in this surreality together for better or worse. The next person I went by, I tried to look at them while keeping 6 feet between us and if I caught their eye, tried to smile.

#weareinthistogether #socialdistancing #flattenthecurve #lovewillprevail 


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