Little Rainbows

I felt especially cooped up today. Went for a run in the morning. Paranoia has a way of creeping in till you are behaving in a way alien to yourself. The moment I stepped out and put on my headphones, I teared up. The world felt strange and ominous and so very loved and missed….

Turmeric Ginger Pickle

Times are strange. We are all home. Sheltering ourselves from what seems like the malignant outside. Covid-19 has put to bed the city that took pride in never sleeping. There is a pause everywhere, like we are holding our breath, waiting for the next thing to unfold. A morbid fascination to turn on the news….

Swiss Chard and Garam Masala Butternut Squash

The farmer’s market this Sunday was bursting with seasonal greens and all sorts of delicious vegetables. I was late to get Nael from a sleepover so quickly picked some that caught my eye, ‘Orange Fantasia’ swiss chard (delicate, bright yellow/ orange stalks more tender than the red variety), bright fragrant turmeric root, freshest baby greens…

Asian Pot Roast

Pasande A slow-cooked pot roast exists in many cultures. It is simple, comforting and earthy.  The South-Asian version, called Pasandey, was a staple in our home. The meat is seared and then slow-cooked in yogurt, raw and caramelized onions, garlic and lots of poppy seeds. Ingredients: 2-3 lb. grass-fed chuck roast 2 cloves garlic, sliced 1 med….

Soothing Khichri

Kichri is the ultimate food. It combines the powerhouse of lentils, a source of potassium, calcium, zinc, niacin and vitamin K and rich in dietary fiber, lean protein, folate and iron, with the comforting carbohydrates of basmati rice. A whole meal with chutneys or a vehicle for carrying more spiced dishes, it is versatile and can be prepared with various ingredients that…

Sauteed Ginger Vegetables

A mouth-watering and easy way to get the nutrition on the table. An assortment of vegetables (usually 3 and traditionally potatoes, cauliflower, and peas but can be any other colorful combo) are deliciously sauteed with fragrant spices. I have combined cauliflower, carrot, and broccoli for an extra slow-carb kick. The kids will love it too!…