Slow-Cooked Baby Turnips

These absolutely delicious-looking Hakurei turnips at the local grocery inspired me to do a simple dish with Japanese flavors. A soy glaze (a high-quality store-bought brand works) instead of soy sauce gave it beautiful depth and added the salty, sweet and sour components while dark sesame oil brought a delectable smokiness.

Turnips and greens chopped up.

1 bunch baby turnips and greens
1 tbsp. dark sesame oil
2 tbsp. soy glaze

Optional: La-Yu chili oil (easily available in Asian grocery stores or online).

– Heat a heavy pan and add oil. Keep heat medium-low as dark sesame oil is not suitable for high temperatures.
– Add the sliced turnip and the chopped greens. Saute and cover to steam for about 10 minutes.
– Uncover, add the soy glaze, stir and cover to cook till the turnips are soft but not falling apart (about 15 minutes).
– Take off heat and serve hot. Drizzle with the chili oil for an added kick.

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